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    AUTHOR OF THE DAY: Albert Camus

    Albert Camus was born on November 07, 1913 in Mondovi Algeria. While a student at the University of Algiers, Camus became political and joined the Communist Party and then the Algerian People’s Party. As an activist for individual rights, he rejected the French colonization. 

    During WWII, Camus became a member of the French resistance, which aided in the liberation of Paris from Nazi domination. He met Jean-Paul Sartre during his service. Both writers often published political discourses; Camus was extremely candid about his disapproval of the communist theory, which inevitably caused friction between Sartre and Camus. 

    Camus’ work holds a deep philosophical foundation. Although his writing has elements of both absurdism and existentialism, he rejected the label of existentialism. His most celebrated novels, The Stranger and The Plague challenge social and cultural norms displaying absurdism in its purity. Camus’ writing and personal philosophy favored the individual. Calling Camus an existentialists shocked him, and his association with Sartre’s dogma often puzzled him. He was a champion for individual and sexual freedom; he shunned any nihilists tendencies. For Camus, life has meaning, but it may be an impossible goal for humanity to achieve. 

    Albert Camus received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, which made him the first African-born author and the second-youngest author to had been awarded such honor. He died on January 4, 1960, in Burgundy, France.


    The Stranger (1942)

    The Myth of Sisyphus (1942)

    The Plague (1947)

    The Fall (1956)

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    Chloe Sevigny for Dune Magazine 1995 by Terry Richardson

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    George Psalmanazar. Illustrations for his Description of Formosa. London. 1704.  

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    Holyhocks, 1914, Elmer Livingston MacRae. American (1875 - 1955)
    - Oil on Canvas -

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    Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940)
    View of  Binnenalster (1913)
    gouache on paper 74 x 55,2 cm

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